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At Harmony Health, we believe that healthcare should be a harmonious experience where all aspects of a client's health journey are integrated seamlessly.




Harmony Health is a team of dedicated, actively-practicing, board-certified nurse practitioners who are committed to helping clients navigate the complex healthcare scene. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, on-demand healthcare management services that empower clients to achieve optimal health and wellness.


Simply put, healthcare is confusing. Our aim is to simplify it. Harmony Health’s advocates are available to you 24/7/365, whenever you need them.


Whether a simple phone call to clarify recent changes in medication or a video conference to have a family meeting, we are available to you to make sure your healthcare is done on your terms.


Unlimited access to expert Nurse Practitioners


Unrestricted 24/7 access to our Nurse Practitioner advocates

Expert medical guidance


Guidance and education for all medical issues

Monthly check-ins


Scheduled monthly telephonic or video check-ins to keep current of any changes to a client’s condition

In-depth medical records review and management


Unlimited access to an updated, collated easy-to-read medical record summary sheet

Liaise between client and all medical specialists


Communication and coordination with all your medical specialists

Management of common and complex medical issues


Assistance in management of all medical issues both chronic and acute such as: diabetes, COPD, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, dementia, etc

Medication reconciliation


A review of all medications both prescribed and over the counter for potential side effects and possible interactions

Interpreting medical jargon

Medical terminology explained and presented to clients and families in plain language

Establishing goals of care

Evaluation and identification of long term treatment goals consistent with your values and wishes

Transitions of care after discharge from hospital


Prior to and after discharge a phone, video or face-to-face follow up to review and clarify all discharge information, medications and follow up instructions

Assistance in finding second opinions and referrals

Assistance in finding physicians and specialists of your choosing associated with clients preferred system 


We can also aid in identifying additional resources such as: elder care attorneys, assisted living, home care, private duty nursing, etc

Additional services:


Option to designate advocate as point of contact in event of medical emergencies 


Accompaniment to provider visits or procedures


Onsite hospital visitation/ Family meetings


*Additional fees may apply



Phone:  516-246-6014

Fax: 516-279-1036


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